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Special sessions

The Organizing Committee (OC) launched previously a call for proposals for Special Sessions leaded by a convener in order to allow research groups (formal or informal) the opportunity to present and share their work in specific topics in any of the Major Themes of this foundational Congress. Responses were very promising, covering specific topics in all Major Themes.

Conveners were notified of the acceptance of proposals and are expected to cooperate with the Scientific Committee in the promotion and expansion of their sessions, assist in the peer review and in the preparation of a Keynote.

The titles of the Special Sessions and a short synopsis will be announced so that, beyond the authors already involved with proposal with the convenor, other authors dealing with the same topic may join the session. Each Special Session will include a Key Note about the topic.

Following a registering process to open soon, all authors will have a choice to submit their extended abstracts for peer reviewing in a specific Special Session or in a Theme of the Congress.

To be considered in the final schedule of the Congress as a Special Session it should include at least four peer reviewed presentations on the topic, including eventual others authors from outside the convener´s proposed team.


The Organizing Committee would like to foster a Special Session entitled «Ethical Dilemmas in Groundwater Sustainability for Food Security, and Poverty Alleviation» in memory of Prof. Partha Sarathi Datta, IAPG-India, a member of the Scientific Committee, and a major inspirer for the Congress, that passed away unexpectedly on Aug 13, 2018. Prof. Datta proposed himself to lead this topic. Sponsors for delegates in this Special Session from United Nations Least Developed Countries (UN LDCs) are warmly welcome.

Special Sessions Themes

SS1. Socio-Hydrogeology to support ethical groundwater management: Viviana Re, Italy

SS2. Ethical issues in neglecting groundwater functioning, a costly lack of respect in decision making: José Joel Carrillo-Rivera, Mexico

SS3. Geoethics in Groundwater Education: Tibor Stigter, Netherlands

SS4. Geoethics of decision making under uncertainty: Rui Hugman, South Africa

SS5. Groundwater: geological, legal, social and ethical challenges of a unique natural resource:

        in memoriam Professor Luís Ribeiro (IST-U.Lisbon, Portugal): Patrícia Ferraz de Matos, Portugal

SS6. Ethical Dilemmas in Groundwater Sustainability for Food Security, and Poverty Alleviation:

         in memoriam Professor P. Sarathi Datta, India

SS7. The Ethical role of the international cooperation in a sustainable groundwater development: Raquel Sousa, Netherlands

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